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Scripture of the Week: "See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction" (Isaiah 48:10).

Quote of the Week: Resolved: That these colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent states, that they are absolved of all allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the state of Great Britain is, and ought to be, totally dissolved. That it is expedient forthwith to take the most effectual measures for forming foreign Alliances. That a plan of confederation be prepared and transmitted to the respective colonies for their consideration and approbation. Richard Henry Lee, 1776, Resolution in Congress.

Thought for the day: The earth is the most heaven that a lost person will ever find. The earth is the most hell a Christian will ever live in.


Posted 7:10 a.m., Wednesday, March 3

Rep. Gresham Barrett, candidate for South Carolina governor, speaks to the Greenville County Republican Women Feb. 25

Rep. Gresham Barrett, candidate for SC governor, speaks to Greenville GOP Women Feb. 25 from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Robert Bolchoz, candidate for South Carolina attorney general, speaks to the Greenville County Republican Women Feb. 25.  

Robert Bolchoz speaks to Greenville GOP Women Feb. 25 from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

American Minute with Bill Federer (

"O thus be it ever when free men shall stand,
Between their loved home and the war's desolation;
Blest with victory and peace, may the Heaven-rescued land,
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just;
And this be our motto IN GOD IS OUR TRUST!
And the Star Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave
Over the land of the free and the home of the brave!"

This fourth verse of the National Anthem inspired Congress on March 3, 1865, to place the motto on the nation's coins.

House Speaker Schuyler Colfax noted: "The last act of Congress ever signed by President Lincoln was one requiring that the motto . . . 'In God We Trust' should hereafter be inscribed upon all our national coin."

President Truman said on Oct. 30, 1949: "When the U.S. was established . . . the motto was In God We Trust. That is still our motto and we still place our firm trust in God."

President Kennedy said on Feb. 9, 1961: "The guiding principle of this nation has been, is now, and ever shall be In God We Trust."

President Reagan said on March 19, 1981: "Our nation's motto . . . reflects a basic recognition that there is a divine authority in the universe to which this nation owes homage."

Posted 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 25

Rep. Gresham Barrett, candidate for South Carolina governor, and Robert Bolchoz, candidate for attorney general, speak to Greenville County Republican Women Feb. 25. View photo gallery.

Gresham Barrett

Robert Bolchoz

Gresham Barrett
 Barrett said he believes in God, the sanctity of life and that elected leaders must do everything in their power to protect that life, that innovation, not taxation is the way to solve energy problems, and that South Carolina should be the nation’s leader when it comes to energy independence. Barrett said he believes in the Second Amendment, the U.S. Constitution and the South Carolina Constitution.
Barrett pledged to not raise taxes to pay for government in South Carolina and said that medical decisions are best left to patients and their doctors, not to bureaucrats in Washington.
Barrett said his political mentor is the late Gov. Carroll Campbell (1987-1995). Barrett called for comprehensive tax reform that encourages business growth and business and industries to come to South Carolina. H said he would restructure the Department of Commerce and hire on a performance basis a director of business recruitment and development from a nationwide search. Barrett would update incentive packages to bring business and industry to the state.
He said that no child should leave the third grade who is not reading at or above third grade reading level, and he intends to make sure a greater percentage of education money makes it into the classroom. All options must be on the table: homeschooling, Christian schools and public schools.
Barrett defended his second TARP vote near the end of President George Bush’s term, saying that the President, secretary of the treasury, financier Warren Buffet and others told him that the banking system was on the verge of collapse.
“I believe with all my heart that we averted a major catastrophe,” Barrett said, adding though that the TARP plan has not been implemented like it should have been. “Nobody has done more as a United States Congressman to ensure that those funds are returned to the taxpayer and paid in full” than he has.
Barrett as voted the fourth most conservative member of the House. He is100 percent pro-life, 100 percent National Rifle Association (NRA), a Friend of the Taxpayers, and was given a 98 percent rating by American Conservative Union.
For more information, visit his campaign website at
Robert Bolchoz
Robert Bolchoz was chief of staff under Attorney Gen. Charlie Condon for three years and served as deputy solicitor in Charleston and has worked in the private sector.
The attorney general’s No. 1 job is to be the state’s chief prosecutor. Bolchoz has prosecuted almost 1,000 criminal cases in his career – murderers, rapists, armed robbers, drug traffickers, “but more importantly,” he said, a Congressman’s son, lawyers, doctors, and four Catholic priests (and Bolchoz grew up Catholic).
“The attorney general must not only know how to prosecute a criminal case, but has to have the nerve to prosecute a criminal case,” Bolchoz said, adding that “I have the nerve to do the right thing” on behalf of citizens of South Carolina.
Bolchoz said that to combat South Carolina’s gang problem he would concentrate on mandatory jail terms for felony possession of firearms, comprehensive reform of the criminal code so all citizens know what the crimes and what the sentences are, and to combat the growing illegal alien problem.
Bolchoz said the attorney general is the state’s chief securities commissioner and that he has managed brokers and financial advisers and worked in and understands the financial markets.

Kathy Davis is president of the Greenville County Republican Women, and Pamela Sowell, program director, introduced the speakers.

Posted 9:20 a.m., Tuesday, Feb. 23

American Minute with Bill Federer

The Panama Canal Zone was acquired by the United States for $10 million dollars on Feb. 23, 1904.

Planned by President McKinley, construction on the canal began under President Theodore Roosevelt.

President Taft saidd in his address to Congress, Dec. 6, 1912: "Our defense of the Panama Canal, together with our enormous world trade and our missionary outposts on the frontiers of civilization, require us to recognize our position as one of the foremost in the family of nations, and to clothe ourselves with sufficient naval power to give force to our reasonable demands, and to give weight to our influence in those directions of progress that a powerful Christian nation should advocate."

President Wilson, in his Thanksgiving Proclamation, Oct. 23, 1913, said: "We have seen the practical completion of a great work at the Isthmus of Panama which not only exemplifies the nation's abundant capacity of its public servants but also promises the beginning of a new age ... of co-operation and peace. 'Righteousness exalteth a nation' and 'peace on earth, good will towards men' furnish the only foundation upon which can be built the lasting achievements of the human spirit."

On March 31, 1976, California Gov. Ronald Reagan said: "Well, the Canal Zone is not a colonial possession. It is not a long-term lease. It is sovereign United States Territory every bit the same as Alaska and all the states that were carved from the Louisiana Purchase.... We bought it, we paid for it, we built it, and we intend to keep it."

President Jimmy Carter gave away the Panama Canal in 1977 and today, passage through the ports at either end, Balboa and Cristobal, is effectively controlled by China's Huchinson Whampoa's Panama Ports Company.

Posted 12:45 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 21

From Liberty Counsel

Florida Court Ruling Continues to Drive Christians into the Closet to Pray

Liberty Counsel Will Appeal and File a Direct Lawsuit Against Santa Rosa School District

Following Judge M. Casey Rodgers’ ruling late Friday evening, which denied the request for intervention by Christian Educators Association International (CEAI), Liberty Counsel will file a direct lawsuit against the Santa Rosa School District in Florida. . . .

During testimony in December, Michelle Winkler broke down on the witness stand when describing how a coworker sought comfort from her after losing her two-year-old child. The two hid behind a closet door to pray because they feared the consent decree. Denise Gibson, an elementary teacher for 20 years, testified the order forces her to tell parents she cannot respond if they talk about church or their faith. She may not even respond to an email from a parent if it contains a Scripture verse or “God bless you.” Instead, the District requires her to open a separate email to respond rather than hit “reply,” in order to eliminate any trace of religious language.

School employees are prohibited from “communication with a deity” when in their “official capacity.” They are considered to be in their “official capacity” even when not working – whenever they attend a “school event,” which includes events during the day, including breaks, after-school events on or off campus, and privately sponsored events on campus for students. Employees cannot bow their head or fold their hands and must prohibit others from praying, even in meetings such as Good News Clubs or privately sponsored baccalaureate services. The ACLU has dragged three employees to court already, yet, Judge Rodgers states there is no “chill” on free speech. Read the whole story.

Report: Taxes prop up 'dying' abortion industry
2 decades sees 2 of 3 'clinics' shutter doors

Posted: February 21, 2010
2:30 am Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

A new report asserts the U.S. abortion industry is in significant decline, held together largely through the $300 million-plus that federal taxpayers deliver annually to its major player, Planned Parenthood.

"It is very clear that the only abortion group expanding its business is Planned Parenthood, and the only reason it can do so is with the help of our tax dollars," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. Read the rest.

A No-Cost Stimulus That Can Create Real Jobs for the American People

From the Heritage Foundation Morning Bell (sign up at

In today's Wall Street Journal, former President Bill Clinton's pollster Doug Schoen writes: "Sen. Evan Bayh's stunning decision to retire should serve as more than a wake-up call to Democrats. It should spur a fundamental re-examination and reorientation of the party's policies, practices and approaches leading into the fall election. Let's be clear. The Democratic brand is in trouble — big trouble. ... The Democrats need to do a number of things. First and foremost, they need to recognize there is only one fundamental issue in America: jobs."

Unfortunately, the White House is not getting the message. Where Schoen urges President Barack Obama to "go back to square one" on health care, The New York Times is reporting that the Obama administration is doing the exact opposite: they are set to introduce their own health care bill on Monday that is specifically designed to pass the Senate through reconciliation on a strictly partisan vote. And when the left is not continuing to shove a government takeover of health care down the throats of the American people, they are working on a second stimulus plan that repeats all of the same big government borrow-and-spend mistakes of the first. Read the rest.

Stop Washington from Crushing the Freedom of Christians Who Oppose Homosexual Conduct

From the Thomas More Law Center

In what has now become a routine show of contempt for the American people, Congress and the Obama Team recently enacted the “Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act” (Hate Crimes Act). This Act places every Christian pastor in danger of federal criminal prosecution for merely quoting the Bible or preaching about the sin of homosexual behavior.

That’s because the Act elevates “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to a special protected class under federal law. Sexual deviants now receive greater protection under this Act than normal heterosexual citizens. One Christian organization condemned the Hate Crimes Act as the number one anti-Christian legislation of 2009. Christian leaders throughout the nation rightly expressed their outraged.

We chose to file a federal lawsuit to stop enforcement of the Act on the grounds it is unconstitutional.

Our lawsuit was filed on behalf of three pastors and a pro-family advocate against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

Posted 9:30 a.m., Saturday, Feb. 20

South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster, candidate for governor, speaks to Bob Jones University group at Stax's Grill in Greenville, Feb. 19.

View photo gallery.

Posted 7:15 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 17

Video of Allen Wilson, candidate for SC attorney general, speaking to the Upstate Republican Women Feb. 15.

Posted 9:20 a.m., Wednesday, Feb. 17

American Minute with Bill Federer

February 17

A baseball star, Billy Sunday played for the Chicago White Stockings (Sox) in the 1880s and later the Philadelphia Phillies. Born during the Civil War in a log cabin in Iowa, his father, a Union Army soldier, died of pneumonia when Billy was a month old.

At age 15, he struck out on his own, working several jobs before playing baseball. His career took off when he was recruited by A.G. Spalding, owner of the White Stockings and founder of Spalding Sporting Goods Co. Billy Sunday became one of the most popular athletes in the nation.

While recovering from a baseball injury in 1887, he heard a group of gospel singers after he left a Chicago saloon. They invited him to their mission where he experienced a conversion. He began attending YMCA meetings, quit drinking and got married.

A national sensation occurred Feb. 17, 1889, when Billy Sunday preached his first sermon as an evangelist in Chicago. He went on to pioneer radio broadcasting so enthusiastically that the FCC was formed in response. During the next 46 years, till his death Nov. 6, 1935, more than 100 million people would hear him.

In his animated style, Billy Sunday said: "Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you an automobile."

Posted 7:55 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 16

American Minute with Bill Federer

In 1625, Gov. William Bradford wrote of a Pilgrim ship returning to England with dried fish and beaver skins to trade for supplies:

“They . . . were well within the England channel, almost in sight of Plymouth. But . . . there she was unhapply taken by a Turkish man-of-war and carried off to Morocco where the captain and crew were made slaves.”

Muslim pirates of Morocco raided European coasts and carried away more than a million to the North African slavemarkets, where they also sold tens of millions of Africans into slavery.

Kidnapped Englishman Francis Knight wrote: “I arrived in Algiers, that city fatal to all Christians and the butchery of mankind.”

Moroccan Sultan Moulay Ismail had 500 wives and forced 25,000 white slaves to build his palace at Meknes. He was witnessed to have killed an African slave just to try out a new hatchet he was given. The Catholic Order “Trinitarians” collected alms to ransom slaves.

In 1785, Muslims captured two American ships. Jefferson met Tripoli’s envoy in France and reported to Congress:

“The Ambassador answered us that it was . . . written in their Qur’an, that all nations who should not have acknowledged Islam’s authority were sinners, that it was their . . . duty to make war upon them . . . and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners.”

During the Barbary War, Jefferson sent Marines to stop the pirates.

On Feb. 16, 1804, in what Admiral Horatio Nelson called the “most bold and daring act of the age,” Lt. Stephen Decatur sailed his ship, the Intrepid, into the pirate harbor, burned a ship and escaped amidst enemy fire.

The Marines later captured Tripoli and forced the Pasha to make peace on U.S. terms, giving rise to the Marine Anthem: "From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli."

Posted 9:50 a.m., Tuesday, Feb. 16

Rep. Gresham Barrett, State Sen. David Thomas,
attorney Allen Wilson, Lt. Col. Bill Connor
at Feb. 15 URW Meeting

Sen. David Thomas

Allen Wilson, Bill Connor,
Phyllis Foster

Gresham and Natalie Barrett


Video of Sen. David Thomas

Rep. Gresham Barrett, state Sen. David Thomas and attorney Allen Wilson spoke to the Upstate Republican Women at their monthly meeting Feb. 15 at the Poinsett Club.

Bill Connor, a candidate for lieutenant governor, visited the club to meet members and guests. For more information visit Connor’s web site at

President Suzette Jordan led the meeting and Vice President Phyllis Foster introduced the speakers.

Gresham Barrett, candidate for governor
Rep. Barrett, a candidate for governor, said the June primary is not going to be a popularity contest but it is going to be about who has a definitive plan for South Carolina.

Rep. Barrett said: “I believe in God (with him all things are possible), the sanctity of life and that we as leaders must do everything we can to protect that life. I believe that innovation not taxation is the way we solve our energy problems, and that South Carolina can be and should be the nation’s leader when it comes to energy independence.”

He went on to say: “I believe in the Second Amendment, the Constitution of the United States and the constitution of this great state. I believe in spending the taxpayers’ dollars wisely and I will not raise taxes as governor to pay for the government of South Carolina. I believe your health care decisions are best left to you and your doctor, not some bureaucrat sitting behind a desk in Washington, D.C.

“I believe in hard work, personal freedom, devotion to family and service to country.”
Barrett concluded: “I believe collectively we can take South Carolina to somewhere she has never been before.” For more information visit Rep. Barrett’s web site at

David Thomas, candidate for Congress
Sen. David Thomas recounted his financial reform efforts in the South Carolina legislature and committed to pursue similar changes in Washington. He warned that the only way the U.S. Congress can rein in out of control spending is to raise taxes substantially and inflate the money supply, which will bring on massive percent inflation.

A third solution would be to control spending, but, “believe me, the Democrats are not going to talk about controlling spending.”

Sen. Thomas, the son of a Baptist preacher, said he was in church every Sunday and Wednesday, and that his dad and mom taught him right vs. wrong out of the Bible.

Allen Wilson, candidate for attorney general
Allen Wilson said he is a conservative Republican, pro-life, pro-business, favors small government and is a strict constructionist on Constitutional issues. He mentioned his passion for public service, leadership and for prosecution. He and his three brothers are Eagle Scouts, and all are commissioned officers in the military.

Wilson is a veteran of the Iraqi War, where he led soldiers in combat. “I know what it is like to be shot at, and I know what it is like to have to shoot back,” he said. “It is not fun.”

Eighteen sheriffs, some of whom are Democrats, have endorsed Wilson for attorney general. No other sheriff has endorsed any of the other candidates.

Wilson served as a prosecutor in the 11th circuit Solictor’s Office in Lexington. His main goal if elected attorney general is to keep South Carolinians safe. His work experience as a prosecutor has taught him how to lead a prosecution team and manage a criminal docket, duties the attorney general must perform. For more information visit the Allen Wilson campaign site at

Posted 9:45 a.m., Monday, Feb. 15

American Minute with Bill Federer

Slavery in Cuba began earlier and lasted longer than anywhere else in the Americas, from 1521 to the late 1870s. In 1868, a Creole farmer began a revolt for racial equality, freedom of speech and association. Spain spent 10 years putting down the insurgency.

The independence movement grew, and in 1895 Spain sent 200,000 soldiers who put tens of thousands of Cubans into concentration camps. Many died of starvation, disease and exposure.

The American public demanded President William McKinley intervene for peace, but on Feb. 15, 1898, the U.S.S. Maine blew up in Havana Harbor.

President McKinley approved the Resolution of Congress: "Whereas the abhorrent conditions which have existed for more than three years in the island of Cuba, so near our own borders, have shocked the moral sense of the people of the United States, have been a disgrace to Christian civilization, culminating, as they have, in the destruction of a United States battle ship, with 266 of its officers and crew, while on a friendly visit in the harbor of Havana, and cannot longer be endured...

"Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives...that the people of the island of Cuba are and of right ought to be free."

Posted 2:15 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 14

President Reagan talks about religion and our Founding Fathers in 1984 speech.

President Bush speaks at National Day of Prayer and Remembrance Sept. 14, 2001.

Posted Friday, Feb. 5

Education candidates debate

I attended a debate Feb. 5 with candidates for South Carolina superintendent of education. Participants were Dr. Brent Nelsen, a political science professor at Furman University, Kelly Payne, a social studies teacher at Dutch Fork High School, and Dr. Mick Zais, president of Newberry College. I am impressed that each is first and foremost a dedicated Christian. I admire Kelly Payne being on the front lines teaching in the public schools.

Public schools are not like they used to be. I entered kindergarten in 1960 and graduated from high school in 1973. The worst problems in school were talking or chewing gum in class, and "gang" was a good word that meant your friends.

The Supreme Court kicked God out in 1962, and the schools and our society are in a real mess. The only real lasting solution is to bring God back into the schools and for churches to change society, not for society to change churches. Historian Paul Johnson said that American public schools in the 1800s and later taught "a kind of lowest common denominator Protestantism, based upon the Bible, the Ten Commandments, and such useful tracts as Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress."

We need to return to these days.

From the American Minute with Bill Federer

Feb. 7

Frederick Baily was born Feb. 7, 1817. Though against the law for a slave, he learned to read. At age 20, he escaped to Massachusetts and changed his name to Frederick Douglass to hide from slave catchers. He began debating, developing oratory skills and exposing the injustices of slavery.

William Lloyd Garrison hired him to sell subscriptions to the Liberator Newspaper.

Frederick Douglass published his best-selling autobiography, but with his identity now known and to avoid slave-catchers, he fled to England. He was enthusiastically received and English friends raised money to buy his freedom. He returned to New York, founding the North Star newspaper.

Writing for abolition and women's suffrage, his motto was "Right is of no sex. Truth is of no color. God is the Father of us all, and we are all Brethren."

An adviser to President Lincoln, Frederick Douglass told the story of his conversion: "I loved all mankind, slaveholder not excepted, though I abhorred slavery more than ever. I saw the world in a new light... I gathered scattered pages of the Bible from the filthy street gutters, and washed and dried them, that...I might get a word or two of wisdom from them."

American Minute with Bill Federer Feb. 6

Ronald Reagan was born Feb. 6, 1911, and died June 5, 2004. At age 69, he was the oldest person elected U.S. President, and 69 days after his inauguration, he survived an assassination attempt.

At the Alfred M. Landon Lecture Series, 1982, Ronald Reagan said: "We can't have it both ways. We can't expect God to protect us in a crisis and just leave Him over there on the shelf in our day-to-day living. I wonder if sometimes He isn't waiting for us to wake up, He isn't maybe running out of patience."

At Reunion Arena in Dallas, 1984, President Reagan said: "America needs God more than God needs America. If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a Nation gone under."

First Court Challenge to Federal Hate Crimes Act Filed by Three Pastors and a Pro-Family Advocate

ANN ARBOR, MI – The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor Michigan, this morning filed a federal lawsuit against U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., challenging the constitutionality of the recently-enacted federal Hate Crimes Act. The Act criminalizes so-called “bias” crimes motivated by a person’s “actual or perceived” “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” and thus elevates those engaged in certain deviant sexual behaviors to a special, protected class of persons under federal law. Read more.

From the American Minute with Bill Federer

FEBRUARY 2, 1848, the U.S. Congress ratified the peace treaty that ended the Mexican War.

In exchange for $15 million, the territories of California, Nevada, Utah and parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming, were brought into the Union.

The treaty stated:

"In the Name of Almighty God-

the United States and the United Mexican States animated by a sincere desire to put an end to the calamities of the war . . . . have, under the protection of Almighty God, the Author of Peace, arranged, agreed upon, and signed the following Treaty of Peace."

The Treaty continued:

"If (which is not to be expected, and which God forbid) war should unhappily break out between the two republics, they do now . . . solemnly pledge themselves to each other and to the world to observe the following rules . . .

"All churches, hospitals, schools, colleges, libraries, and other establishments for charitable and beneficent purposes, shall be respected, and all persons connected with the same protected in the discharge of their duties, and the pursuit of their vocations."

The Treaty concluded:

"Done at the city of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the 2nd day of February, in the year of the Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-eight."

Posted 12:10 p.m., Jan. 31

Leighton Lord, Christina Jeffrey speak to GCRWC Jan. 28

By Thomas C. Hanson
Christina Jeffrey, a candidate for the fourth district U.S. congressional seat, and Leighton Lord, a candidate for South Carolina attorney general, spoke to the Greenville County Republican Women (GCRW) meeting at the Poinsett Club Jan. 28.
Dr. Jeffrey, a lecturer at Wofford College, who is seeking the Republican nomination for the seat held by incumbent Rep. Bob Inglis, said, “I am first and foremost a Christian,” and “I believe that a great country is an important asset” for Christians.
Dr. Jeffrey said she hates tyranny in all its forms and that it is the natural condition of human beings. Tyranny flourishes, she said, when people are ignorant and complacent, when you don’t have the kind of freedoms we have. Our founders gave us incredible tools to keep our freedoms, and if we lose some of them, to get them back.
Leighton Lord said he is an Army brat born in Hawaii and joked that “unlike someone we know, I have a birth certificate.”
Lord referred to an essay written by evangelist Billy Graham, “The Moral Weight of Leadership,” in which Graham wrote, “We must not be tempted . . . to divorce character from leadership.”
Lord worked the Ronald Reagan campaigns in the 1980s. After graduating from the Vanderbilt Law School in 1989, he went to Washington to work for four years as the Republican staff council for the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations in Washington. In this position, Leighton investigated organized crime, gang violence, child pornography and immigration fraud.
Lord spent two weeks on the Mexican border with border patrol agents, and visited the San Diego district attorney’s office to watch the prosecution of criminal aliens. To learn about organized crime, Lord spent days with mobsters and traveled the country with FBI agents. He learned about gang violence by driving the streets of Los Angeles with law enforcement officers.
He took the knowledge back to Washington to contribute to hearings and help draft legislation to make our country safer.
In 1994, Leighton went to work for Nexsen Pruet, the second largest law firm in South Carolina. Four years ago, Leighton was elected managing partner, which has given him executive experience.
Lord said the attorney general should be the chief legal officer in the state and as such should coordinate solicitors, sheriffs and law enforcement officers and help them do their jobs better. He called for a comprehensive crime bill in South Carolina because the state is No. 1 in violent crime and is in the top five in domestic violence deaths and in the top five in DUI deaths, yet South Carolina imprisons more people per capita than any other state.
The meeting was the first conducted by Kathy Davis, new president of the GCRW.

Posted Monday, Jan. 25, 9:45 a.m.

From the American Minute with Bill Federer

January 24

James Madison's defense of religious freedom began when he stood with his father outside a jail in the village of Orange and heard Baptists preach from their cell windows.

He wrote of another incident to William Bradford, JANUARY 24, 1774:

"There are at this time in the adjacent Culpepper County not less than 5 or 6 well meaning men in jail for publishing their religious sentiments which in the main are very orthodox."

Madison helped pass the Virginia Bill of Rights, which stated:

"Religion, or the Duty which we owe our Creator, and the Manner of discharging it, can be directed only by Reason and Convictions, not by Force or Violence; and therefore all Men are equally entitled to the free exercise of Religion, according to the Dictates of Conscience; and that it is the mutual Duty of all to practice Christian Forbearance, Love, and Charity towards each other."

As President, Madison wrote July 23, 1813:

"If the public homage of a people can ever be worthy of the favorable regard of the Holy and Omniscient Being to whom it is addressed, it must be...guided only by their free choice . . . as proving that religion, that gift of Heaven for the good of man, is freed from all coercive edicts."

Posted Sunday, Jan. 24

From the American Minute with Bill Federer

January 21

He produced epic films in Hollywood for almost five decades and started Paramount Pictures.

His name was Cecil B. DeMille and he died JANUARY 21, 1959.

His best-known films include: Samson and Delilah, The Ten Commandments and The Greatest Show on Earth, for which he won an Academy Award.

At the opening of The Ten Commandments, 1956, Cecil B. DeMille stated:

"Man has made 32 million laws since the Commandments were handed down to Moses on Mount Sinai ... but he has never improved on God's law...

"They are the charter and guide of human liberty, for there can be no liberty without the law."

President Harry S Truman stated in his address to the Attorney General's Conference, February 1950:

"The fundamental basis of this nation's laws was given to Moses on the Mount.

"The fundamental basis of our Bill of Rights comes from the teachings we get from Exodus and St. Matthew, from Isaiah and St. Paul.

"I don't think we emphasize that enough these days."

Truman concluded:

"If we don't have a proper fundamental moral background, we will finally end up with a totalitarian government which does not believe in rights for anybody except for the State."

Saturday, Jan. 16, 2010

“Just hold up your heads, boys, three fires, and you are free. Then when you return to your homes, how the old folks will bless you and the girls kiss you for your gallant conduct,” Birg. Gen. Daniel Morgan’s instructions to frontline militia the night before the battle at Hannah’s Cowpens, Jan. 17, 1781.

229th anniversary of the Battle of Cowpens photo gallery

Friday, Dec. 25, 2009

Hanson family Christmas greetings 2009
from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.


Posted 12:05 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 16

Reps. Nikki Haley and Tim Scott speak
to Upstate Republican Women Dec. 15.

Suzette Jordan and Tim Scott
Nikki Haley and Brenda Schoolfield

Rep. Nikki Haley, candidate for governor, and Rep. Tim Scott, candidate for lieutenant governor, spoke to the Upstate Republican Women Dec. 15. Betty Poe, incoming president of the South Carolina Federation of Repubican Women, installed new officers for 2010-2011. Click here for photo gallery.

Posted 8:05 a.m., Tuesday, Dec. 15

Christmas party at the home of Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer in Greer, South Carolina, Dec. 14. Click here for photo gallery.

Posted 10:15 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 9

Former Sen. Rick Santorum (left) and Rep. Gresham Barrett, candidate for South Carolina governor, make joint appearance at the home of Jerry and Harriet Dempsey in Greenville Dec. 9. Click here for photo gallery.

Posted 7:55 a.m., Tuesday, Dec. 8

Andre Bauer
Henry McMaster

Greenville GOP Christmas Party Dec. 7. Click here for photo gallery.

Posted 11:30 a.m., Monday, Dec. 7

I am the editor and layout artist for The Palmetto Patriot, the quarterly publication of the South Carolina Society Sons of the American Revolution. We have just gone to press with our Winter 2009 editon. You can read it here.

Posted 6:55 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 5

Lt. Col. Bill Connor, candidate for South Carolina lieutenant governor, speaks at Dec. 5 ceremony commemorating Revolutionary War Battle of Canebrake near Simpsonville. Click here for photo gallery.

Click here for complete Canebrake photo gallery.

Posted 6:15 p.m., Friday, Dec. 4

Rally for private property rights Greenville Dec. 1. Click here for photo gallery.

Posted 6: 35 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 21

Kelly Payne brings campaign
for education superintendent to Greenville

Kelly Payne, candidate for SC Superintendent of Education from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo

Click here for photo gallery.

Kelly Payne, a social studies teacher at Dutch Fork High School in Irmo and a candidate for South Carolina superintendent, met with voters in Greenville Dec. 20.
The meet and greet, hosted by Rick and Mandy Stroud and Dan and Nicole Bracken, took place at the Pleasant Valley Connections.
Kelly created a group at Dutch Fork called It Kids, an organization of students committed to greater community service. They have attracted the attention of elected and appointed officials including the governor, speaker of the house, attorney general, comptroller general, and senators and house members.
Kelly also teamed with the National Safety Council to organize Alive at 25, a teen driver safety program designed to reduce teenage highway fatalities.
More information about Kelly Payne is available on her campaign website at

Larry Grooms, Bill Connor, Jim Lee campaign at Patriot Resistance meeting in Greenville Nov. 20. Click here for photo gallery.

Posted 12:05 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 18

Meet and greet for state Rep. Tim Scott, candidate for South Carolina lieutenant governor, at the home of Tex Small in Greenville, Nov. 17. Photo gallery.

Bill Connor, candidate for South Carolina lieutenant governor, on his many trips to the Upstate. Click here for photo gallery.

Bill Connor comments on Islam

By the Laws of Sharia (Islamic law) anyone who converts outside Islam or anyone who invites a Muslim to join another faith is to be put to death.  This law is in force in multiple Islam countries.  Islam, as the final “truth”, is not up for discussion or debate in the Islamic world. To read the rest or to read more of Bill's commentaries go to

Posted 6:05 p.m., Friday, Nov. 6

SC Governor Candidates forum in Greenville Nov. 5, photo gallery.

State Rep. Tim Scott, candidate for South Carolina lieutenant governor, speaks in Greenville Nov. 6, photo gallery.

From Robin Connelly in Southern California

A keen analyst: Thoroughly confused.
Accepts new job assignments willingly: Never finishes a job.
Active socially: Drinks heavily.
Alert to company developments: An office gossip.
Approaches difficult problems with logic: Finds someone else to do the job.
Average: Not too bright.
Bridge builder: Likes to compromise.
Character above reproach: Still one step ahead of the law.
Charismatic: No interest in any opinion but his own.
Competent: Is still able to get work done if supervisor helps.
Conscientious and careful: Scared.
Consults with co-workers often: Indecisive, confused, and clueless.
Consults with supervisor often: Very annoying.
Delegates responsibility effectively: Passes the buck well.
Demonstrates qualities of leadership: Has a loud voice.
Displays excellent intuitive judgement: Knows when to disappear.
Displays great dexterity and agility: Dodges and evades superiors well.
Enjoys job: Needs more to do.
Excels in sustaining concentration but avoids confrontations: Ignores everyone.
Excels in the effective application of skills: Makes a good cup of coffee.


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